Würfelbrett mit Würfelbecher Würfelbret mit Würfel Würfelbecher mit Würfelbrett
The dice tray for fastidious persons  
The dice tray is a perfect supplement for all dice games. The dice tray is hand-made from beech wood. Every piece is unique, distinctive and various like a finger print, differing in structure and colour. The dice tray, in its round basic shape with an external diameter of approximately 380 mm is robust and functionally crafted. It is perfect as a personal gift as well as for gastronomy.The ground of the dice tray is decorated by a resistant and durable felt. The board is suitable for all social dice games and garantuees a pleasant and relaxing time.


diameter ca.
380 mm
special sizes
rink ca.
300 mm
are available
height ca.
55 mm
weight ca.
2100 g
the dice tray   68,30
Bild vom Würfelbrett

Bild von Würfeln


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